Finding powerful, multichannel marketing automation software with great customer support and a price point that most businesses can afford is a challenge. Some tools are cheap as chips, such as Mailerlite, but they lack the full multichannel capability. Other tools are all singing and all dancing but they just cost too much for many SMEs. So, finding a tool with great features, outstanding support and a price point that most businesses can afford is a challenge but not impossible.

Let me introduce you to VBOUT.

VBOUT is a full-featured, multichannel marketing automation suite

that doesn’t cost the Earth and has customer support that makes life easy for you.

With the right marketing automation software, you can get the best ROI out of your marketing efforts. Here are five reasons to love VBOUT software.

The powerful, visual automation workflow builder

The visual workflow builder in VBOUT is a simple drag and drop interface that makes it easy to chain marketing actions together. Whether you want to trigger a sequence of actions once someone has completed a form on your website, or after they click on a specific link in your email campaigns, you’ll find all the triggers that you need.

Vbout workflow builder screenshot

There are plenty of actions to choose from also. Need to add a tag to a contact? Sure thing. Want to send an internal notification to your team about a contact’s account? Go right ahead. Need to send an SMS to your contact and add them to another list? That’ll take just a few clicks.

If you’ve never used marketing automation before, there’ll be a little bit of a learning curve, but no more than you’d find with any comprehensive marketing automation product on the market.

Full social media marketing management suite

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the importance of social media marketing these days is high. Getting the right social media marketing tools can help you handle the tasks associated with successful social media marketing, which often means managing yet more software.

 vbout social media marketing screenshot


VBOUT features a full social media management suite, with integrations for Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Pages, Pinterest, and Instagram Business, It has a powerful social media scheduling tool, which allows you to bulk schedule updates and posts to multiple social networks. There’s no need to buy yet more software!

It has a social media engagement tool, which allows you to track the progress on every social network. It has a social media monitoring tool, which allows you to track and monitor keywords online. You’ll also find comprehensive social media analytics to track your marketing efforts and monitor progress.

Email builder is a pleasure to use

Creating quality HTML marketing emails in VBOUT is a pleasure with the brand new email editor that they recently released. 

vbout email builder screenshot

VBOUT's new drag and drop email design tools make it easy for you to build an awesome looking email marketing campaign in no time. You can design your own from scratch or choose from one of the many templates in their email template library. No design or coding skills are required.

There are some sections of VBOUT that feel quite complex because the software does so much, but the email builder is not one of those areas. VBOUT’s new email builder is powerful, simple and sits comfortably alongside the best email marketing tools on the market.

Insight rich contact records

High-quality data sits at the heart of executing good digital marketing campaigns and delivering outstanding digital customer experiences. With VBOUT integrated into your website, your marketing contact records are automatically enriched with website interaction information, email correspondence, eCommerce transaction data, SMS data, sales lead scoring and more.

vbout contact record screenshot

All of this data is present in a tidy, chronological timeline on each contact’s record, giving you a comprehensive interaction history for each person in your database. Further more, you can easily add, edit and delete contacts as and when you need to.

VBOUT’s Thriving Facebook Community

Every brand aspires to have a dedicated cohort of brand advocates and dedicated customers who share their love of a product online. VBOUT has this in spades on their official Facebook Group, which is full of users sharing product feedback, asking questions, solving problems and giving use case examples to the community to help everyone get more value from the tool.

The group is actively monitored by VBOUT employees who offer support, share product updates, and give run regular webinars with the community to share industry knowledge and insight.

VBOUT vs HubSpot

Regular readers will know that I love HubSpot. I’ve been a partner or provider of HubSpot tools since 2013, I’ve attended their conference nearly every year since 2013, and I own HubSpot shares, regularly wear a HubSpot hoodie, and drink from a HubSpot water bottle. I am very much a big fan of HubSpot and will continue to sing its praises and use its tools.

VBOUT isn’t trying to be what HubSpot has become. Where HubSpot once focused on marketing, it is now a full growth platform with tools on marketing, sales, support and CRM. That isn’t the space VBOUT is playing in, as VBOUT focuses on marketing software exclusively.

If you’re in the market for marketing automation software, and you don’t have the budget for HubSpot Marketing Professional, VBOUT is an outstanding choice of software that offers a very similar feature set for a much reduced monthly cost.

How can you get started with VBOUT marketing automation software?

If you’re interested in trying VBOUT for yourself, visit and sign up for the 14-day free trial today. Alternatively, book a demo of VBOUT with Broadhurst Digital.

Disclaimer: I am a VBOUT partner and reseller, and some of the links in this article are affiliate links meaning I will get a commission if you purchase VBOUT after clicking on the link. It doesn’t cost any more for you and it is a small bonus for me. My policy on partnerships and reselling is that I only resell products that I believe in and will use myself; VBOUT is a tool that I use in my own marketing every day.