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If you want your sales and marketing to be more effective, you need to make sure you're up-to-date on the latest industry trends and best practices. Our free resources section provides you with everything you need to know, from sales automation to SEO to the latest in AI. 

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Free Marketing Resources

Discover our free digital marketing resources to level up your digital strategy, marketing automation, inbound marketing, hubspot, email marketing and beyond.
Digital Customer Experience mock up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
The Ultimate Guide to Better Digital Customer Experience

Get practical ways to improve your digital customer experience.

Using Predictive Analytics mock up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Get insights to boost your marketing strategy and improve your content marketing, social media, reporting and more.

Customer Journey Mapping template mock up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
Customer Journey Mapping Templates

A customer journey mapping resource to help marketers connect with their audiences.

Free Technical SEO Audit (with A.I. Insights)
Free Technical SEO Audit (with A.I. Insights)

Get a 30 point SEO report on your website today and identify critical on-page SEO issues that will be impacting your search engine rank.

Situation Analysis: Digital Marketing Planning Templates

A marketing strategy planning resource for digital marketing professionals.

Free Sales Resources

Unlock our free sales technology resources now and discover how to generate leads, use CRM to your advantage, succeed with sales prospecting, automate your sales process and more.
Ultimate Guide to B2B Lead Gen (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
The Ultimate Guide to B2B Lead Generation Techniques

30 greatest lead generation lessons to help you start reeling in those leads.

Definitive Guide to Selling Better and Faster Mock Up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
The Definitive Guide to Selling Better and Faster

How to increase responses to cold sales outreach, empower your sales reps and minimize data entry.

Sales Prospecting Mock Up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
Your Complete Guide to Sales Prospecting

Discover strategies for prospecting - the part of selling that takes the most time and energy (and is most crucial to get right).

Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation mock up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
The Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation

Learn how sales automation can help you close more deals and increase productivity.

5 Biggest Alignment Challenges sales and marketing Mock Up (315 × 300px) (315 × 250px)
5 Biggest Challenges For Marketing and Sales Teams

A breakdown of the top five challenges facing marketing and sales, as well as a few solutions for making alignment a reality.