The world has changed since the birth of modern marketing. Marketing to businesses is no longer about a simple mail campaign or tradeshow; it is far more complex and provides marketing professionals with a diverse number of offerings. As buyers have more information at their fingertips, marketers also have more channels through which to serve up information that buyers need.

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The channels of B2B digital marketing

The channels of B2B digital marketing are vast and varied, but all boil down to one common goal: reaching and engaging potential customers. Some of the most popular channels include email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Direct marketing for B2B

For direct communication with leads and prospects, SMS is also extremely popular. With these channels in mind, B2B marketers can choose from a variety of tools that serve to help them deliver the message and sell their product or service.

Upgrading your content strategy and marketing practice can involve a lot of moving parts, but one area that is often overlooked is email automation. By improving your email automation processes, you can increase your chances of success and get more sales from your lead generation campaigns.

Paid advertising for B2B marketing

Paid ads are also important for B2B marketing, providing the catalyst for owned media that stimulates web traffic and engagement. There's a lot of debate around whether or not to use a gated content funnel when you're running paid ads.

Some people say that it's essential to have that funnel in place in order to capture leads, while others claim that the follow-up emails you send after someone signs up are more important. In my experience, it depends on your industry and the type of product you're selling. If you're in a competitive market, then you'll definitely need to use a funnel.

Managing B2B multichannel marketing

With so many digital channels available to B2B marketers, it makes sense to manage as many of those channels inside one system, rather than having multiple tools. VBOUT is a great tool for this. It's a multichannel marketing automation tool system that can manage multiple social media platforms, email marketing, SMS, browser push notifications and more.

Tools for B2B digital marketing in VBOUT

There’s a lot to love about VBOUT marketing software. VBOUT is a comprehensive suite of tools for B2B digital marketing. It includes SMS marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, social media management, analytics, and a comprehensive suite of integrations such as HubSpot, Woocommerce, Zapier, Pabbly Connect and more.

Landing pages are an important part of online marketing and VBOUT has templates for them in abundance. They are used to collect information from potential customers, and they can also be used to drive traffic to your website.

With the native forms builder, you can collect information from potential customers, building a profile of those that engage with your offers. Lists are another important part of online marketing. They are used to collect information from potential customers, and they can also be used to drive traffic to your website.

How can VBOUT help you achieve your business goals?

Marketing automation software can help you achieve your business goals by automating many of the marketing tasks that you would otherwise have to do manually. For B2B sales and marketing teams, who often face long sales cycles, marketing automation software can help you:

- Measure your performance and find out what's working best for your business

- Increase response rates to help improve the quality of your leads

- Automate your sales pipeline, so you only have to follow up with relevant prospects once

- Track and control multiple touchpoints in a single dashboard to improve conversion rates and average revenue per user

Lead nurturing is a process of building and maintaining relationships with potential customers. By drip sequencing your emails over time, you can establish stronger relationships with leads and convert more of them into paying customers.

How does VBOUT multichannel marketing automation software work?

VBOUT allows you to manage all of your marketing channels in one place. At the core of all marketing automation software is the contact database which stores all of the contact details, interaction history, email address and account statuses. These data points are used by the software to trigger automated emails, text messages and phone calls.

While most marketing automation software automatically schedules emails or phone calls based on specific event triggers, you can also program many other system functions in the contact database. For example,. you can update contact records with tags, add/remove people from email distribution lists, send internal notifications to your team about a contact's recent activity (e.g. they requested a demo), or any other number of activities.

Benefits of using VBOUT for B2B digital marketing?

VBOUT is a user-friendly, cloud-based digital marketing tool that can help businesses increase leads and sales. With VBOUT, businesses can create powerful custom landing pages, email campaigns, and social media posts. There are also pre-built templates that you can customize to improve your overall marketing ROI.

Best of all, VBOUT is free for 14 days and starts at just $100 per month thereafter, which makes it one of the most competitively priced marketing automation tools on the market.

Tips for using VBOUT for B2B digital marketing

VBOUT is a very powerful tool for B2B digital marketing. It allows you to create custom landing pages, emails, and social media posts that are designed to convert leads into customers. Here are some tips for using VBOUT to get the most out of your B2B digital marketing campaigns:

1. Use VBOUT to create custom landing pages promoting a webinar or ebook to generate new leads.

2. Use VBOUT to create custom email templates that are relevant to your target audience.

3. Use VBOUT to bulk schedule a month of social media posts promoting key campaigns and engaging on industry hashtags.

4. Create an automated workflow that sends a sequence of emails to new leads.

5. Setup lead scoring automatically track the behaviour of sales leads and get notifications about your hottest leads in real-time.

How can you get started with VBOUT?

It’s easy to get started with VBOUT marketing automation software: sign up for a free 14 day trial or book a demo of VBOUT software with Broadhurst Digital.