As marketing continues evolving faster than a new neural architecture search algorithm, keeping your skills sharp is critical for thriving in the industry. Especially with artificial intelligence propelling strategy innovations daily. Marketing podcasts that explore this new landscape represent some of the most valuable professional development you can plug into right now.

Beyond staying competitive, these shows unlock creativity for leveraging AI’s marketing potential while prompting reflection on ethical implications. They deliver a rich blend of insights, stories and personalities to engage both your mind and your work. Whether unravelling hype, equipping new tactics or simply expanding perspective, each supplies intelligence to progress your marketing strategies.

From longtime legends analysing AI adoption trends to new voices spotlighting leading-edge applications, these podcasts offer diverse lenses on an issue reshaping business as we know it. Some episodes dig deeper into the weeds than others, but they balance broad concepts with tactical advice to turn theory into action.

Intrigued yet? Below we feature five top-caliber podcasts fusing marketing prowess with AI wisdom. These shows will get you up to speed on the latest while prompting new directions worth exploring yourself. So plug in your headphones, ready your notepad and hit play to start recharging your career through these inspiring downloads. The marketing AI revolution is already here.

1. Artificially Intelligent Marketing

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Hosted by yours truly, Martin Broadhurst, and Paul Avery, CEO of BioStrata, our marketing AI podcast dives head first into the intersection of AI and marketing. It's not just about the latest news and insights; it's a place where industry guests share their perspectives, enriching the dialogue with their experiences. We sometimes get a little nerdy, going a little depper into the technical side of AI, but we try to keep it breezy. The episodes are packed with content that's as entertaining as it is informative, making it a must-listen for those wanting to stay on top of AI-driven marketing trends.

2. The Marketing AI Show

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This podcast is a treasure trove of fascinating discussions led by Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput from the Marketing AI Institute. They live and breathe AI, delivering content that's both accessible and insightful. The camaraderie and expertise of the team make each episode a delightful and educational experience. For anyone looking to grasp the practical applications of AI in marketing as well as the legal and regulatory landscape of AI, this is a go-to podcast.

3. Unprompted: AI, Marketing and You

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'Unprompted' strikes a fine balance between high production quality and insightful content, delivered in a manner that's approachable even for those not deeply versed in the technicalities of AI. It's perfect for marketing and business leaders seeking to understand AI's impact without getting bogged down in jargon. The podcast's periodic nature ensures that each episode is a well-crafted piece, offering fresh perspectives on AI in the marketing world.

4. This Old Marketing

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With over 400 episodes, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose have been discussing the nuances of marketing long before the AI buzz. This podcast, part of the HubSpot Podcast Network, delves into the broad spectrum of digital era marketing, with a regular focus on AI. The insights are razor-sharp, coming from two legends in content marketing. Our very own episode featuring Robert Rose as a guest can be found here, where he shared his thoughts on content marketing careers in the AI era.

5. Marketing Against The Grain

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Hosted by Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot and Kieran Flanagan of Zapier, this podcast stands out for its sharp analysis and dry wit. While it's not exclusively focused on AI, the show explores the topic alongside other cutting-edge marketing trends. For instance, their episode on AI tools for video production offers valuable insights into the practical application of AI in modern marketing.


These podcasts serve as your navigators, guiding you through the complexities of AI's impact on marketing with ease and expertise. Each one offers a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and personality, making them invaluable resources for any marketing professional keen to stay ahead in the AI game. So, plug in your earphones, hit play, and immerse yourself in the world

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