In today's remote-first world, smooth collaboration across teams is more vital than ever. That's where Bubbles shines – a tool bridging the gaps in how we work together. As a Marketing AI Consultant and CIM tutor, I juggle clients, projects, and online teaching. This review digs into how Bubbles handles it all: AI-powered meeting notes and seamless asynchronous communication... it goes well beyond the basic note-taker many marketing teams seek to kickstart their AI journey. If you want to supercharge productivity and build team cohesion, Bubbles is worth a serious look.

Overview of Bubbles

Bubbles stands out in the crowded landscape of collaboration tools by offering a unique combination of features. Compatible with major platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, it ensures widespread applicability. By seamlessly integrating into users' workflows, Bubbles addresses the core needs of modern teams: efficient meeting documentation and flexible, asynchronous collaboration.

Bubbles' ease of use sets it apart in a market flooded with complex tools. Its intuitive design ensures that users, regardless of their technical proficiency, can navigate and utilise its features without the need for extensive onboarding. This accessibility significantly reduces the barrier to entry, making it a favourite among teams looking for efficient collaboration solutions.

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AI Meeting Note-Taker

The AI meeting note-taker feature of Bubbles sets a new standard in meeting efficiency. Bubbles not only transcribes meetings but also distils them into actionable summaries. This automatic engagement saves precious time and ensures no detail is missed. Its simplicity, driven by calendar integration, enables automatic attendance and comprehensive documentation, making meeting follow-ups a breeze.

The AI-powered note-taking capability of Bubbles delivers comprehensive summaries, capturing crucial details often missed by similar tools. This reliability has been particularly noticeable in my use over the past few months, where the accuracy and completeness of meeting summaries have surpassed those of competitors. This feature alone significantly enhances productivity by ensuring no critical information is lost or overlooked.

Asynchronous Collaboration Tool

Bubbles' asynchronous tool is revolutionising my professional workflow. Its screen recording feature surpasses Loom and Soapbox by allowing users to record their screens with narration, all without live scheduling headaches. The detailed commenting system enriches feedback with pinpoint discussion threads tied to specific moments in the video. For designers and marketers, this opens a world of streamlined, visually-driven communication.

The video commenting feature is where Bubbles truly shines within my online lectures and tutorials. Gone are the days of unwieldy email feedback! Students can now leave precise comments directly on the content. This allows for richer peer-to-peer interaction, with students helping each other and clarifying topics organically. The result is a more self-driven, collaborative learning experience.

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User Experience and Interface

My experience with Bubbles has been nothing short of exemplary. Its intuitive design and straightforward functionality eliminate the learning curve typically associated with collaboration tools. The clean, user-friendly interface coupled with a bug-free experience speaks volumes about its reliability. The lack of necessity to contact support is a testament to Bubbles' commitment to providing an efficient, self-explanatory tool.

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The seamless experience extends to the transcription quality, which, despite lacking speaker identification, remains high. This minor inconvenience is offset by the AI’s ability to generate summaries and action items, rendering manual transcription processing unnecessary for the most part. The overall simplicity and effectiveness of Bubbles make it a standout tool in a crowded software toolkit, streamlining collaboration without adding unnecessary complexity.

Pricing and Plans

Bubbles is accessible through three distinct plans: Teams Basic (free), Teams Pro ($8 per user/month), and Enterprise. The free version offers a taste of Bubbles' capabilities, while the Teams Pro plan, with its unlimited recording length and permanent access to discussions, represents exceptional value, especially for those engaging in extensive collaborative projects or educational endeavours. The Enterprise plan caters to larger organisations seeking advanced data governance and analytics.

Personal Endorsement and Affiliate Disclosure

My experiences with Bubbles have turned me into an enthusiastic affiliate and referral partner. This isn't a flippant endorsement –  genuine benefits in my daily work convinced me. If you're looking to transform your team's communication and collaboration, Bubbles is worth trying. Using my affiliate link lets you explore it at no extra cost while supporting the work I do.

Bubbles' value isn't just my opinion – clients and students agree! Its asynchronous communication is a lifesaver when I'm constantly on the move. I can leave detailed updates and get feedback regardless of everyone's schedules. The result? Easier project management, smoother client interactions, and much better productivity across the board


Bubbles reimagines team collaboration with powerful AI-powered meeting notes and seamless asynchronous tools. Its intuitive design and adaptable features make it ideal for teams looking to master the challenges of remote work. With Bubbles, you'll streamline communication, create a more connected workplace, and boost overall productivity. Discover the future of teamwork – try Bubbles today!

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