What is Artificial Intelligence and why does it matter for your email marketing campaign?

Artificial intelligence is a computer's ability to imitate intelligent human behaviour. It means creating complex software that is able to perceive its environment and take actions that maximize its chances of success.

It has the potential to significantly improve email marketing campaigns by providing insights into customer behaviour, predicting customer needs, and automating marketing tasks. For instance, it can be used for the following:

- Tailoring each message according to individual recipient preferences

- Personalising content

- Predicting which subscribers might unsubscribe in the future

Benefits of Using AI Marketing Tools in Email Campaigns

In the current data-driven marketing world, it is imperative that marketers are able to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. One way they can do this is by using AI marketing tools in email campaigns.

AI marketing tools, such as AI campaign management and reporting software, allow marketers to manage and report on their email campaigns. This eliminates time-consuming tasks like manual segmentation and reporting.

The benefits of using AI marketing tools in email campaigns include:

- Monitoring Campaigns: Automated campaign monitoring via AI makes it possible for marketers to pull insights from multiple data sources in real-time

- Managing Campaigns: Tracking conversations automatically with AI also helps marketers manage their work better

Tips for Implementing AI in Email Campaigns

There are many benefits to implementing AI into email campaigns. AI allows for better targeting, better timing, and better content. Here are the steps to take when implementing AI into your email campaign:

1. Start with a general topic. Keep it broad but related to your industry!

2. Choose an algorithm or service that you would like to use for your research.

3. Perform searches with the chosen algorithm/service on databases such as Google Scholar or PubMed.

4. Find the best results and analyse them in terms of relevance, timeliness, and quality of content/accuracy of predictions

5. Publish your findings by writing about them on your blog or social media accounts

What challenges do marketers face when using AI in email marketing?

AI is particularly valuable in the email marketing space because marketers often have a very limited amount of time to create content. For example, marketers can use an AI assistant to generate personalized email templates based on customer data.

One of the main challenges that marketers face when using AI is how to deliver a quality experience for customers who are interacting with an AI assistant. There should be a balance between simplicity and quality so that customers do not feel like they are talking to a robot, but they also get the information that they need.

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