While many marketing professionals can create great infographics with Illustrator in no time, many of us can’t, but we would love to be able to create our own graphics for those times when a job just feels too small to get a designer to work on it or we simply don’t have time. That’s why I’ve pulled together some tools that can help you do it. Here are five free graphic design tools that you should know about.

Ira Design


Ira Design is a fun way to create your great looking hand-drawn illustrations. You can mix and match characters & colours in an easy-to-use interface to make them look as cool as possible. It’s one of several illustration libraries that are available but I like that it has the five pre-set colour palettes to choose from.



Nira is an online tool that helps you recolour SVG files. Simply upload your file, adjust the colours to your liking, and get back a new file with all the changes made for you! There are lots of free illustration libraries out there but finding them in the right colour for your brand can be tricky so Nira is great for making the quick changes that you need.


3D Transformer


3D Transformer is a web-based tool that helps designers easily convert their flat images into 3D mockups. There are just two simple steps to create beautiful 3D mockups in seconds! I use this tool for creating ebook mockups or SaaS product product mock up for use in presentations or on websites.




This is the only tool on the list that I’ve been using for a number of years. Coolors is a simple and easy to use colour scheme generator. You can either pick the swatches you like, or generate them randomly. Once you’ve found the pallette you’re happy with, you can export it to a PDF with all the Hex and RGB values for each colour.