As AI technology continues to gain traction in the marketing world, it is no surprise that more and more companies are turning to AI to help them create better content and reach larger audiences. In a recent episode of Artificially Intelligent Marketing, I down with AI pioneer Brennan Woodruff of GoCharlie to learn more about AI models and how they can be used to empower marketing campaigns.

We discussed the benefits of using AI-powered tools like GoCharlie to create better content and reach more people. We also look into how GoCharlie is developing AI solutions for some of the world's largest companies and how its public playground is helping to make AI more accessible to everyone. 

Brennan Woodruff: AI Pioneer and GoCharlie Innovator

Meet Brennan Woodruff, the AI Pioneer and GoCharlie co-founder. Brennan is revolutionising the world of marketing and business with his groundbreaking use of AI and machine learning. He is a true trailblazer in the field, having hit #1 on Product Hunt not once but twice for his product, GoCharlie.

Brennan has assembled an impressive team of AI experts to work alongside him at GoCharlie. He has also been an advisor to countless startups over the years. His unique blend of tech expertise and emotional IQ makes him an interesting person to learn from. He genuinely believes that technology should empower rather than replace people. This commitment is reflected in the products he and the GoCharlie creates. 

From empowering customers through technology to engaging them in meaningful conversations, Brennan Woodruff is making waves with GoCharlie's innovative approach towards marketing AI technology. He proves that when it comes down to it, success boils down to utilising both human EQ and technological advancements!

Generative AI Platform for Quality Digital Marketing Content - GoCharlie

Generative AI is quickly becoming the go-to technology for digital marketing. It enables businesses to create high-quality content with less effort and time than ever. GoCharlie is a cutting-edge generative AI platform built on language modelling, brand voice, knowledge base, and an audience platform.

"GoCharlie leverages a combination of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) algorithms, and deep learning (DL) models specifically designed for creating high-quality digital marketing content."

Brennan Woodruff

GoCharlie was co-founded by an impressive team, including Brennan Woodruff as COO, Dr. Kostas Hatalis as CEO, Dr. Despoina Christou as Chief AI Scientist, and Ryan Carlton as CTO, bringing decades of combined experience in advanced AI, machine learning, and technology. With industry veterans like Dr. Hatalis, Dr. Christou, Woodruff, and Carlton leading research, development, operations, and technology, GoCharlie has assembled a talented team of AI and tech experts dedicated to creating innovative marketing solutions, with their company puppy Charlie serving as Chief Puppy Officer.

GoCharlie primarily targets B2B customers but allows everyday people to create content to market themselves online using more advanced AI models such as dad jokes or dog puns. The name 'Charlie' and the mascot are derived from the company's original name, Gaudium.Ai, which no one could pronounce!

What's next for GoCharlie?

AI Agents

GoCharlie is not resting on its laurels; the company's ambitious vision for the future includes the development of advanced AI agents. These agents, including the highly anticipated 'Charlie the Agent,' are set to bring new dimensions to customer interaction, marketing strategies, and business processes.

  • Charlie the Agent: This cutting-edge AI agent aims to simplify integration for developers, providing additional API tooling that can seamlessly blend GoCharlie's products into existing systems within organizations. It represents the next step in intelligent technology, offering efficient solutions to common business challenges.

GoCharlie upcoming AI agents promise to change the way businesses approach marketing and customer engagement. 

GoCharlie's Own Language Model: Winning the "Pepsi Challenge"

GoCharlie's relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the creation of their own language model, Charlie, which is showing impressive results in head-to-head comparisons with state-of-the-art models.

  • 85% Success Rate: Through blind user tests, Charlie has demonstrated an over 85% success rate for outputs compared to other SOTA models. This remarkable performance speaks to the meticulous development and optimisation of this model.

  • Public Playground: Perhaps most excitingly, GoCharlie has made Charlie available in a public playground where anyone can experiment and explore its capabilities without needing to be a customer. This commitment to accessibility reflects GoCharlie's mission to democratize AI technology.



GoCharlie has dozens of marketing templates to assist with copywriting

The Future of AI and Marketing

Brennan has an optimistic vision for how artificial intelligence will transform marketing in the years ahead.

According to Brennan, AI is poised to become an indispensable collaborator that makes teams more efficient. He predicts that AI will allow smaller, leaner teams to accomplish more. As marketing tasks like content creation and campaign management become automated by AI, companies will need fewer people in non-creative roles.

Brennan also foresees AI agents becoming proactive partners that take the initiative on behalf of businesses. He envisions agents that independently monitor trends, research topics, and propose content ideas. Rather than simply responding to prompts, AI could work autonomously to lighten workloads.

In a Nutshell

AI is a powerful tool that can help marketers create better content, reach more people, and automate processes. With GoCharlie, AI pioneer Brennan Woodruff has created a platform that leverages generative AI to make digital marketing more accessible. His team of experts has developed advanced language and multimodal models to create even more sophisticated solutions for Fortune 500 companies and AWS.

The potential of using AI in marketing is immense – it can help us reach new audiences, create better content with less effort, and automate processes faster than ever before. Ultimately, we must remember that technology should empower rather than replace people and be used as an enabler rather than a replacer.

Now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits of using AI-powered marketing tools like GoCharlie in your business or organisation – so start exploring today!

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