In the last 12 months, artificial intelligence technologies have seen noteworthy updates, one of the highlights being the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022. Rewind to Halloween 2022, and you'll find that I published an article, "These Creepy Halloween Jokes Were Written by AI," where I introduced GPT-3 and the basics of large language models. That article also included a hands-on guide to training GPT-3 for joke writing, covering concepts like zero-shot, few-shot, and many-shot prompting. The result? Twenty Halloween-themed jokes, tied to digital marketing, written by AI.

This year, I've decided to take a different approach. Gone are the training examples; instead, I'm giving ChatGPT— powered by GPT-4 — more creative freedom within the provided themes and topics. You'll want to keep reading if you're keen to see how this year's jokes measure up and whether GPT-4 can deliver the laughs. To top it off, all images in this post are generated by DALL-E 3, the latest in AI image creation.

Examples of AI-Generated Jokes

1. Why did the ghost optimise his website for Halloween?

He wanted to rank first for "boo" on Google!

DALL·E 2023-10-27 08.49.18 - Photo illustration of a cheerful ghost with a laptop, showing a Google search page with the top result highlighting the word boo. Caption_ Why did -1


2. Why did the vampire have such a high open rate on his Halloween newsletter?

Because every subject line was a "dead giveaway"!

DALL·E 2023-10-27 11.15.21 - Illustration of a male vampire sitting at a gothic desk, browsing through emails on his laptop with a smug expression. Email notification icons with b-2


3. Why did the witch launch an e-commerce store on Halloween?

She wanted to have spellbinding conversion rates!

Illustration of a witch, wearing a pointed hat, standing next to a modern e-commerce dashboard displaying graphs with rising conversion rates.

4. Why did the mummy love using HubSpot CRM during Halloween? 

Because it helped him keep all his leads wrapped up in one place!

Illustration of a mummy, wrapped in bandages, working at a computer with the HubSpot CRM interface open. Lead icons are wrapped like mini mummies

5. Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Boo who?

Don't cry, your SEO rankings will rise again!

DALL·E 2023-10-27 09.06.43 - Illustration of a ghost with a sad face, holding a downward-trending SEO ranking chart, with haunted houses in the background. Caption_ Knock, knock-1

6.  Why did the ghost cross the road?

He heard the site on the other side had killer content

DALL·E 2023-10-27 09.45.03 - Illustration of a ghost floating across a road, with a glowing website on the other side displaying captivating content, surrounded by eerie ambiance-1

7. Did you hear the one about the content marketer who went to a haunted house?

He came out with ghost-written articles!

Illustration of a content marketer emerging from a spooky haunted house with a ghostly figure writing on parchment next to him. Caption_ Did you hear-1

8. I tried A/B testing my Halloween costume this year.

Results were inconclusive, but I scared half my audience away.

Photo illustration of a marketer in two contrasting Halloween costumes, with a graph splitting the image, showing a drop in audience engagement on one-1

9. Did you hear the one about the marketer who checked his website's traffic on Halloween?

It was dead... quiet!

Illustration of a concerned marketer looking at a computer screen showing a flat line graph, with eerie silence and cobwebs around. Caption_ Did you -1

10. What's an email marketer's favourite Halloween monster?

The Mailer Daemon!

Illustration of an email icon dressed as a monster, with the Mailer Daemon label, surrounded by spooky email notifications. Caption_ Q_ Whats an ema-1

11. Why did the email marketer get a broomstick?

For a clean sweep of inactive subscribers!

Illustration of an email marketer riding a broomstick, sweeping away ghostly inactive email icons. Caption_ Why did the email marketer get a broomsti-1

12. I tried to set up a Bing Ads campaign for Halloween...

but the only thing that haunted me was the low search volume!

Illustration of a marketer looking frustrated at his computer, with a ghostly Bing Ads logo and low search volume graph. Background shows a haunted am-1

13. The ghost of a dropshipper walks into a bar.

The bartender says, "We don't serve spirits here."

The dropshipper replies, "That's fine, I'll just order it for delivery."

Illustration of a ghostly dropshipper floating in a bar, with the bartender pointing towards the exit. Packages with delivery labels float nearby. C-1

14. If e-commerce websites gave out Halloween treats...

expect a lot of cookies.

Illustration of a festive e-commerce website decorated with pumpkins and cobwebs, where a hand extends from the screen offering digital cookies shaped-1

Prompt engineering required for joke writing

So, there we have it: 14 Halloween and digital marketing-themed jokes, penned by ChatGPT and GPT-4, and vividly brought to life by DALL-E 3. Crafting these jokes wasn't a straightforward task; they were the best 14 out of around 60 or 70 generated. To get a varied joke format, I had to actively steer ChatGPT, otherwise, it would default to the "why did the..." template. For instance, I discarded jokes like, "Why did the skeleton switch to X after Elon's takeover?" because it felt too 'bare bones' compared to Twitter. Others, such as knock-knock jokes involving SEO or pixel-related humour, also didn't make the cut.

I even tweaked a couple of jokes to make them more readable—the ghost of a dropshipper joke and the HubSpot CRM punchline, to be precise.

So, what's the takeaway? While GPT-4 shows promise in understanding puns, it's not a comedy genius. However, it does excel in rapidly generating a range of ideas, allowing you to sift through and pick the gems. This exercise reaffirms the value of an AI assistant for brainstorming, letting you add your own human touch to the final output.

Wishing you a fantastic Halloween, and stay tuned for more AI-generated humour in 2024.

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