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Struggling to identify and reach your ideal customers? Sales Rocks, powered by Broadhurst Digital, revolutionises your B2B prospecting efforts.

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Our Four-Step Approach to Sales Prospecting Success

We don't just consult; we take you through a tailored process designed to optimise your sales outreach.
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Overwhelmed by choices? Let us guide you to the right Sales Rocks solution for your business.
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Get rid of tech headaches with our expert Sales Rocks setup services.

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Increase your outreach ROI through customised training sessions for your team.

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Need dedicated support? Rely on us for full-service account management.

Turbocharge Your Sales Outreach

  • Comprehensive Data Access: From company details to individual contacts, we provide an unparalleled data pool.
  • Automated Outreach: With email and LinkedIn automation, your team can focus on what really matters: closing deals.
  • Direct & Accurate Contact: Never miss an opportunity due to outdated or missing information.
  • Hyper-Personalisation: Stand out in your prospect’s inbox and LinkedIn feed with content tailored just for them.
Precision Prospecting

Discover your ideal clients among 200+ million company and 115+ million contact records.

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Direct Contacts

Get direct access to phone numbers, emails, and titles for ultra-targeted outreach.

Automated Outreach

Say goodbye to manual tasks with our automated cold email and LinkedIn features.

Skip the Spam

Ensure your emails hit the inbox every time with our email deliverability tools.

Ready to Revolutionise Your Sales Outreach?

Tap into our expertise and technology for unmatched sales results.

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