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We're more than just MarketMuse partners; we're your navigators through the maze of content optimisation.
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Need a roadmap? We assess your content landscape and tailor a MarketMuse strategy just for you.
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Transition from guesswork to precision. We integrate MarketMuse into your content creation process.

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Empower your team with tailored MarketMuse training sessions, ensuring you maximise its capabilities.

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Worried about slipping SERP rankings? We offer ongoing monitoring and agile strategy adjustments.

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The Future of Content Optimisation

Revolutionise your content strategy with MarketMuse's AI-driven insights.
Simplify content audits, pinpoint topic opportunities, and elevate your SEO game.
All with intuitive tools designed to fuel your inbound marketing success.

AI Audits

AI-Powered Audits

Ditch the manual spreadsheets for MarketMuse's automated content audits. Quickly identify content gaps and optimization opportunities to elevate your SEO strategy effortlessly.

Uncover Topic Goldmines

Guided by MarketMuse's topic research, you'll understand what subjects are worth your time and resources. You'll never be in the dark, from high-value topics to competition levels.

SERP Intelligence

MarketMuse analyses top-ranking pages, so you don’t have to. Understand content structures and formats that dominate the SERP, and craft your strategy accordingly.
Real time scores

Real-Time Content Scoring

Never second-guess the quality of your content. MarketMuse's proprietary content scoring model allows for real-time optimisations, ensuring every word counts.

Streamlined Content Briefs

MarketMuse provides all the essentials for seamless content creation from title suggestions to key topics and questions. Turn content planning into a walk in the park.
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Internal Link Mastery

MarketMuse identifies the most effective internal link opportunities with pinpoint accuracy. Amplify your site's topical authority through relevant, well-placed internal links.

Your Go-To Partner for MarketMuse

  • Data-Driven Mastery: Turn content creation from an art into a science.
  • Immediate Impact: See tangible improvements from the get-go with our training.
  • Aligned Strategy: Your MarketMuse setup is in perfect harmony with your business objectives.
  • Future-Ready: Capitalise on the latest AI and SEO advancements for sustainable growth.
Full Spectrum MarketMuse Expertise

Navigate the intricacies of SEO and content scoring with confidence, backed by our comprehensive MarketMuse knowledge.


Transform Clicks Into Loyal Customers

Our training goes beyond getting eyes on the page—it makes sure those eyes stay glued and engaged.

Integrating MarketMuse Into Your Business Goals

We make MarketMuse an invaluable part of your broader content and marketing strategy.

Be Tomorrow's Content Leader, Today

With MarketMuse’s constant evolution and our focus on AI, you’re not just playing the game—you’re changing it.

HubSpot Success Stories from Our Clients

Great HubSpot training giving us the knowledge and insight to take our marketing to the next level. Already have training booked in with more staff and look forward to working with Broadhurst Digital on strategic marketing activities in the future.
Martin is a vastly experienced and well-connected digital marketing expert, who is compelled to stay ahead of the curve. His services range from scoping digital marketing strategy, to hands-on delivery of comprehensive training sessions across a range of digital marketing platforms - and it's all done with a smile on his face!
Martin handled a tricky HubSpot CRM roll-out easily, responding promptly to non-standard needs. His high-quality service enabled work to be completed in a timely manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Martin and his services.
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Jonathan, Marketing Manager, Aganto
Steve, Marketing, GL Events
Nicola T, Marketing Manager, XR Stories

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